EFF’s referendum campaign has been launched

Don't get caught up in the political game of the referendum organized by the Law and Justice. It is parliamentary elections that will decide Poland's future, not a referendum  – the Economic Freedom Foundation's referendum campaign is underway.

EFF on a panel at the National Convention of the Nowoczesna party

On July 8, the liberal Nowoczesna Party held its National Convention, where election program regarding the economy was discussed. Marek Tatala, CEO of the Economic Freedom Foundation, spoke on a panel as one of the experts.

Poland: from socialism to prosperity – a new film by Rainer Zitelmann

Poland was one of the poorest countries in Europe during the socialist era. From 1990 to 2015, Poland was Europe's Growth Champion. Rainer Zitelmann's film, "Poland: From Socialism to Prosperity. The rise of the white eagle," tells the story of everyday life under socialism and the superiority of capitalism.

Democracy and economic freedom in Poland

Marek Tatala, CEO of Economic Freedom Foundation, took part in the #287 episode of the podcast “Democracy that Delivers”. In this episode, he spoke about the current situation in Poland, rule of law, economic freedom as well as his work at the Economic Freedom Foundation and Civil Development Forum.