Arkadiusz Muś


An entrepreneur is able to realize many things that other people do not see. He sees opportunities and threats, but he is willing to take risks. He risks his reputation, but most importantly, he risks his own money. He is responsible for the people he hires and who rely on him. He does not expect help from the government, but he expects the government not to bother him in its overzealousness.

Thanks to reforms carried out over 30 years ago, Poland became the fastest growing country in our region. This post-socialist economic miracle happened not only thanks to the reformist government, but also thanks to the extraordinary hard work of the entire society. But this is not only economics. For three decades, Poland has been an open, friendly, European country, attracting domestic and foreign investments. Let us hope that this will not turn out to be a closed chapter of our history. The lesson from the past is that only in conditions that foster the development of private entrepreneurship we can win against dangerous populism. Simply calling the state-owned companies, in which decisions are made by politicians, national champions does not mean that they will be victorious in a competitive environment.

As a classical liberal and an entrepreneur who has been building his company for almost 30 years, I know that freedom is the most important thing. Freedom means also the ability to take risks on your own responsibility. Only this guarantees the development of societies, innovations, private entrepreneurship, the possibility to support people in need and, as a result, prosperity for future generations. Every attack on freedom sets us back one step. That is why economic freedom must be constantly defended.

In addition to freedom and the free market, a community of values such as honesty, commitment and respect is needed to create a successful company. We build our company’s reputation on these values every day. I believe that if each of us is guided by these values in our personal and professional lives and takes responsibility for our behavior, we will build the trust that is essential to our credibility as an employer and a business partner.