Fundacja Instytut Edukacji Ekonomicznej im. Ludwiga von Misesa

The Instytut Edukacji Ekonomicznej im. Ludwiga von Misesa [The Ludwig von Mises Institute for Economic Education], founded in Wrocław in 2003, is an independent research and educational center that draws on the traditions of the Austrian School of economics, classical liberalism and libertarian political thought. The Institute was named after the prominent Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises.

The associates of the Mises Institute strive to make Poland a country where the right to private property and freedom of contract form the basis of prosperity, The institute promotes economic knowledge in society. The Foundation is involved in many educational projects, e.g. Economics Lessons for Youth, Clubs of the Austrian School of Economics or a textbook “Free Entrepreneurship”, approved for use in high schools and vocational secondary schools.

The Institute also runs a publishing house, which publishes interesting books on liberalism and the Austrian School of economics by such authors as Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, Henry Hazlitt and Dierdre McCloskey. Books published by the Mises Institute can be found in the Library of Liberty’s book collection.
You can learn about the activities of the Mises Institute on their website.