The Economic Freedom Foundation and the Civic Development Forum invite to the Europe Liberty Forum 2022 organized by the Atlas Network. This year, the event will be held on May 12-13 in Warsaw.
,,Euro: security zone” conference took place at the Radisson Collection hotel in Warsaw on April 26, 2022. It was organised by Res Publica Foundation and Economic Freedom Foundation to debate on Poland's accession to the euro zone and discuss the benefits, challenges, necessary reforms and possible threats associated with it.
Agnieszka Cytacka
The Economic Freedom Foundation’s representatives could not miss this year’s Freedom Games in Łódź, Poland. Members of the foundation’s executive board Arkadiusz Muś and Marek Tatała spoke on a panel organized by the Civil Development Forum.
The representatives of the Economic Freedom Foundation appeared in Olsztyn at the Campus Poland of the Future (Campus Polska Przyszłosci) event.
The next edition of the Freedom Games will take place on 10th-12th September in Łódź, Poland, and in virtual space. It is an annual conference organized by the Liberté Foundation.